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Cars: 7 legendary BMW models that need to look at least eye

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Автомобили BMW, на которые стоит взглянуть каждому.

BMW cars, which are worth a look for everyone.

BMW exists for over a hundred years. During this time the manufacturer has come a long way and has created a huge number of interesting and worthy cars. The engineering creativity of BMW designers made one generation of competitors to sleep badly at night and now see why. Here «seven» machines that become legends.

1. BMW 507

Передовой BMW 507, чуть не разорил компанию.

Advanced BMW 507 almost bankrupted the company.

This sports Roadster is even today considered one of the most beautiful and interesting models. The public car was introduced in 1955. The car was aimed primarily at the American market and was positioned as the main competitor to the Mercedes-Benz 300SL. Funny, but the attempt to create the best car in history, almost made the company bankrupt. Despite the fact that the car was bought by many famous people (Elvis bought two such machines), the high price scared off most customers. Decades later, this car was recognized as a classic, despite the failure of sales.

2. BMW M1

Инновационный BMW M1 был очень хорош.

Innovative BMW M1 was very good.

Favourite prey collectors. The car was produced from 1978 to 1981. It was a stunning mid-engined supercar. Initially, the project was to participate and Lamborghini. However, the partnership went wrong and in the end the idea had to implement the «Bavarians» alone. The design prototype was created by the famous designer Paul Marriage. The car was so successful that we were able subsequently to have a significant impact on the entire brand.

3. BMW Nazca

К сожалению BMW Nazca так и остался концептом.

Unfortunately BMW Nazca remained a concept.

The model of the car, which today is known to many in the younger generation, mainly for computer game Need For Speed. That’s just the life of luxury cars from Gurjara and is destined to remain a concept car and the exhibition sample. The car was too expensive, too bold for a wide (and low volume) sales. By the way, this is the first car that used the energy-absorbing bumper.

4. BMW M5

Настоящий король дороги - BMW M5.

The real king of the road — the BMW M5.

The first car of this series appeared in 1984. Since the machine only gets better from year to year like good wine. The real king of highways dressed like a civilian sedan. Subsequently, a model and a station wagon. A high level of comfort, reliability and extensive choice of optional equipment made the car extremely popular.

5. BMW 850

Еще лучше и быстрее - BMW 850.

Even better and faster — BMW 850.

Luxury coupe that was produced «Bavarians» in the period from 1989 to 1999. There is such beauty about 100 thousand U.S. dollars. The car competed successfully on both sides of the Atlantic. At the time of creation had the most advanced electronics. Today, the model is a favorite trophy for any collector.

6. BMW Z8

Баварец BMW Z8 побыл автомобилем Бонда.

Bavarian BMW Z8 to be a bond car.

The creation of this car has had such an impact on the entire company BMW that it was felt in the production of cars more than one year. The car was produced in a limited edition after it had been presented to the public in 1997. The machine was extremely well made. Even starred in the James bond films, the film «the world is not enough».

7. BMW X5

Высокое качество и надежность в BMW X5.

High quality and reliability in the BMW X5.

This superb car has earned its good name mainly because from the very beginning emphasized that the «Bavarians» do best driving convenience. Glory car and brought the record put in his time on the nürburgring race track. Testers were able to overclock the prototype for more than 300 km\h.

Great car was doing and in domestic spaces. That’s right, 5 cult Soviet car that are not ashamed of our compatriots.

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